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About Us

The growing rate of youth unemployment demands that we awaken the entrepreneurial acumen in the youth. The purpose of the CEID is to bridge the gap between theory and practice thus equip the youth with employable skills in various trades and vocations to enable them create their own business enterprises. CEID has designed gender sensitive training modules for economic and social independence of participants. The Centre shall also serve as a training and skill upgrade Centre for practicing artisans and craftsmen/women. The duration for the various modules ranges between 4 and 14 weeks.

The Centre shall serve as a business incubator to many budding entrepreneurs. It will provide students in the Polytechnic, SMEs and start-ups with the nurturing environment needed to create, develop and grow their businesses. The Centre offers everything from practical knowledge and skills in business development and management to the acquisition of practical skills in various trades. The Centre also provides business opportunity for potential and existing entrepreneurs to network and benefit from the various support systems, equipping them adequately to grow their business enterprises.